The Resonance of Eorzea

Monday, August 30, 2010

New image of Ishgard's map...?

First screens of the city-state maps are up all over the net but I found the first ones on (thanks Kugata)  and apparently, we can now also see the surrounding areas for Ishgard, Gridania and Ul'Dah.

SquareEnix have also released the sixth video in the 'Eorzea - The Making of a Realm" series on their official You Tube channel... and yes, the great legendary Nobuo speaks candidly about the creation of the score.  I found myself saluting my screen after watching lol.

Note:  As always, readers can simply double-click the video to be directed to the official channel to watch it there.  Alternatively, viewers that need to reduce the volume of my blog's theme-song (so that you can properly listen to the video here) can simply scroll down to the bottom right and adjust the volume on the Mixpod dashboard.

Yeah, bet you were thinking... "Hold up mate, that's bloody Ishgard in the background at 4.30 in the video, innit?"  Yes indeed, and matter of fact here's a screenie I snapped off the video... that whole Coerthas area is already giving me some great in-game ideas after the game launches

Ahhh, but there's more... Ramset on FFXIVCore also just posted these up... very first glimpse of the mysterious "Garlean  Judges"?  In all fairness though, the OP did mention that he wasn't the one that dug them up, nonetheless, it's a wonderful spiffy find. (I seriously need to find time and learn 3D Max)

Also added the latest (disappointing?) news from SE regarding the postponement of the Open Beta... personally, provided this new delay is for a few short days in order to work out the bloody kinks in the system, then yes I'm glad about it.   Had a bit of an iffy situation with the download and it became a drudgery for me to download the client.  It eventually caused issues on my PC. last night and it was not even funny.   That is of course until I saw the update about the postponement due to critical errors and yada yada.  

Will post up more info and stuff as they emerge but in the meantime, be well.

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