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Monday, August 6, 2012

An Adventure: Seeking the Stones of the Twelve

Yes indeed great people, the title's "pun" is working as intended... (smirks)

Anyway, just last week after reading up on the Lodestone forums (about the strange new "stones" that came with patch 1.23), I went adventuring and was quite stunned at what these new stones could represent.

But before we delve into all that speculative yada yada, a huge set of appreciation first of all goes to all the players who started that thread on the Lodestone and exchanged valuable information regarding the stones' location.  I bid you all a heartfelt thank you.

To be totally honest, I had excellent fun hunting down all twelve of them, praying at each one and ended up taking a vast amount of scenery pics as I completed this little adventure.  However, I shall only post up the ones that are directly relevant to the stones.  

First up, Oschon's stone, the god of the mountains and controls the element of wind.  It is located at the very northern end of the La Noscea map (Camp Iron Lake then head to 20, 3)

Second is Llymlaen's stone, patron goddess of my adopted homeland of Limsa Lominsa.  She is also goddess of the seas, navigation and like Oschon, also controls the element of wind.  Located within the city of Limsa at the Upper Decks (4, 7)

Third is Azeyma's stone, goddess of the sun and inquiry; and controls the element of fire.  She is also the mother of Llymlaen and wife of Thaliak (who, going from what we see in the new 2.0 trailer, seems to be a central figure in what could transpire later on... more on this in the next paragraph).  Located near in Thanalan (50, 29).   Be warned that from the Sandgate aetheryte portal, you have to ride a bit east to reach the stone.

Fourth is Thaliak's stone, god of rivers, wisdom and knowledge; also controls the element of water.   As said above, he's Azeyma's beloved and is apparently responsible for (teleporting?) us into another era when 2.0 arrives.   His was the most spectacular of all the Twelves' stones and is located in a cave beneath Mor Dhona (entrance is at 6, 15 near the south of Castrum Novum)

By the way, while in that particular area, be sure to also ride to the far western end of the map where you can walk over a large piece of aetheryte crystal that juts over a very deep abyss... was also able to sight three of the Imperial airships there (was so stunned that I didn't remember to take their pics until they were far away)...


Fifth is Halone's stone, goddess of war and glaciers; and controls the element of Ice.  She's the one I selected as my personal patron diety and also the patron diety of Ishgard (my supposed land of birth).  Controls the fifth month which is why she was fifth on my list.  Located at Twinpools in Coerthas (11, 20)

Sixth is Rhalgr's stone, god of destruction and controls the element of lightning.  He's the patron of the destroyed city-state of Ala Migho and his stone is actually located in the third area top floor of Little Ala Migho in Thanalan (port to Camp Drybone and ride south)

Seventh is Nymeia's stone, goddess of fate, watcher of all the celestial bodies and controls the element of water (she is also the mentor or master to Rhalgr).   From the little lore we know so far, it seems she and her brother Althyk are the first two celestial beings amoung all the Twelve.  Located at Moraby Bay (through Camp Bearded Rock), La Noscea (29, 36).   Stunning view, by the way.

Eighth is Nophica's stone, goddess of soils, harvest and abundance; controls the element of earth and is the patron goddess of Gridania which is why her stone is located right over the entrance to the Conjurers guild.  Cant miss it.

Ninth is Byregot's stone, god of architecture, the arts and industry; and controls the element of lightning.  I've always found it fascinating that he controls the same element with his father Rhalgr and yet he's creative rather than destructive.  Might be bcause he is Thaliak's pupil and protege.   Located around Camp Crimson Bark in the Black Shroud (7, 29)

Quick pause here... while around that area, definitely check out the unique landscape and look closely... seems to me that some kind of catastrophe already hit this part of the Gridanian forest several eons ago because a lot of the landmass here are actually floating isles (held up by massive trees.  Just an observation...

Tenth is Althyk's stone, god of time and space; and controls the element of earth.  Located at the east of Lynxpelt Patch aetheryte portal in the Black Shroud (45, 22).   Peaceful little place to chill and ponder about why the bloody 'ell I have to do Hamlet Defense all over again for a certain drop. Bugger...

Eleventh is Nald'thal's stone, twin gods of commerce and the underworld; and controls the element of fire.  Located at the Thaumaturge guild in Ul'Dah

Rounding up the Twelve is Menphina's stone, goddess of love and keeper of the twin moons; controls the element of ice.  I placed her at the end because somehow, I sense that she is almost as important as Thaliak in this whole Dalamud business.  

Thing is, the lore explains that she is Althyk's daughter, sister to Azeyma, and Dalamud is her "hound"... what happened ol' girl; forgot to put a leash on your mutt?  Anyway, find her stone at the Gwyr-Aen spot in Coerthas (43, 7)

Well, there you have it folks... but before I sign off for this entry, I leave you with yet another mystery regarding the stones:  Have any of you noticed that the beastmen (the Kobolds in particular) also have similar stones in their possession?  Found this out last night while completing the "Carving A Name" quest from Wineport in La Noscea (go towards 31, 12 or so)...

Heh... once again, I get this nagging feeling that there could be Thirteen gods and goddesses... from what we know so far, Dalamud (and whatever is hiding within) is definitely on the same power scale as the Twelve.    Ironically, do you great readers remember when I wrote about this on my blog sometime in June or July 2010?   

Somehow, it gives flesh to the notion for the Twelve existing... there HAS to be some sort of opposing element that allows them to exercise their power of protection over us... even the beastmen.   Now that's an idea...

Methinks I shall be a rascal and check the other beastmen strongholds... afterall, they have the Primals; so do they have god stones as well?  (Indeed, I couldn't resist another pun).   That said, events seem to be more pearshaped than we thought, innit?  Be well everyone.

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