The Resonance of Eorzea

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yessssss! Samurai! Finally!!!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful trailer... gorgeous and got my blood pressure racing:

Thank you Yoshi-P... you are indeed legendary. Thank you as well to Soken, Foxclon, Bayohne, Gildrein, Triairy, Okipuit, and Hivnre. Thanks as well to the great Akihiko Yoshida and the whole art team. Finally, huge thanks to the ENTIRE Dev Team. All of you are just epic... too impossible to gauge.

As mentioned since last year, Stormblood will introduce swimming ... and maybe we will even get to see "Impossible to Guage" clams return to the dungeons.  Everyone from 2.0 onwards should be able to remember how in the Sastasha dungeon, one couldn't land a single sctarch on clams once they were closed.

Which reminds me of a hilarious post regarding the weird epicness of clams (made by jojopojo64 on Reddit a few years ago)...HERE.   Had me cracking up in laughter and at the time, I had to share the page to dozens of people.

I'm also getting thoroughly excited about how many of my requests, suggestions and predictions on the forums have gradually been coming to fruition.  Here are just a few:

2012:  Request on the forums for Ninja and Samurai
2013:  My request for personal airships to added (this got 12 likes within the hour)
2013:  Predicting the introduction of a Kefka-like character that would be the Garlean Emperor's son
2014:  Suggesting that we get Fenrir as a mount
2014:  Garlean imperial family war of succession prediction

Lore Questions:

Will we have more riddle system of quests like the awesome "Greatest Story Never Told" that tie in deeper to the lore?

Will there be more stories and quests regarding Fourchenault? (Louisiox's son and the father to Alphinaud and Alisaie)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Patch 3.5 - "The Far Edge of Fate" Trailer

Indeed... and as I've been calling it since October, I reckon our buddy Prince Zenos yae Galvus is a very handsome looking guy beneath the mask (yep... that's definitely him smirking a cunning smile at the very beginning of the trailer).   And I still find it a possibility that he may have been a protege of  Gaius (or so I like to think).  

Methinks this could make a very interesting twist to the story... check this: Gaius is still alive and is mentoring both Zenos and the Griffin to destabilize the Ala Mihgo region while eventually bringing peace to both Eorzea and the Garlean Empire.  It's just common sense that the Garlean citizens have to be exhausted from all these wars by now and Gaius wishes to achieve this.

Lets just hope Zenos' character also has a lot of depth... we need more Garleans on our side in all this madness and I like to believe that Zenos has his own personal an agenda that will bring about peace (or at least a lasting truce).

That said, the trailer is seriously exciting to watch...

Highly anticipatory, don't you agree?   The Griffin is back and I tentatively think he's trying to generate a summoning by using the vast amount of blood that is being spilled at Van Baelsar's Wall.  Since we already know that he owns the eyes of Nidhogg since 3.4, I speculate that he will doubtlessly use this as one of the necessary ingredients to unleash... something.  Rhalgar or Omega?

Time will tell.

Our friend Alphinaud is again showing great intelligence and grit by yelling something that seems to be a dire warning.  Perhaps he has deduced something sinister that the rest of the Alliance have yet to see or he has an inkling that somehow Zenos is involved.

In conclusion, what I can speculate from the trailer is that both the Alliance and the Garleans are after Omega,  the Griffin is setting up a strange sort of ritual summoning that involves the Alliance heading to Baelsar's Wall to unknowingly spill their blood... and our Warrior of Light (good 'ol me) is again called again to put our neck on the line.

Sigh...they better make me Emperor of Eorzea after all this mess.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 is here! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone and indeed, 2017 has already started out phenomenally well for me.   Most of the updates intended for posting in December will also be included here (to make up for the brief posting-drought over the Christmas period)

First up, Yoshi P's New Year message is already up (HERE)

Next up, don't forget to order your official FFXIV 2017 Calendar!   As I said before to people in-game, it's already been on sale on the official Square Enix website since late October (HERE).

This year, I thought I'd do something a little more different and compile all the FFXIV New Year images from 2012 till date... and also celebrate the evolution of the Red Mage (upload these below).



Red Mage as depicted in the other Final fantasy games...



Artwork from New Year 2017

Artwork from New Year 2012

Artwork from New Year 2013

Artwork from New Year 2014

Artwork from New Year 2015

Artwork from New Year 2016



The evolution of the Red Mage.  Below is the official concept art for Red Mage in FFXIV... superb

Excellent concept art by various artists around the world:

"Red Mage Concept Design" by Obsy 

"Red mage evolution"  by Taijavigilia

"Viera Red Mage" by kiikii_sempai

Red mage Concept" by artist on Pinterest

Other phenomenal Red mage artwork I found online created by other unknown artists... (really wish I could message these people to praise their talent)...



Moving along, here is the FFXIV and GARO event trailer shown last week just prior to the beginning of the Fan Fest in Tokyo.  I'm thoroughly excited for this...

And with that I leave you all with TheMadBear's YouTube video of "Ultimate Paranoia" to round out this wonderful New Year's Day... yes, eight months later I still shamelessly LOVE this video (I think I've posted this on my blog at least three times now).

Friday, November 11, 2016

Anticipating my beloved FFXV; and playing SAO Hollow Realization while I wait...

Indeed.  And lots of videos posted below.

For starters, you guys will notice that I've yet again changed the blog's background music.   Its the FFXV original sound track that plays when you are in the Ascension Tree main menu.  I highly recommend listening to it with your headphones so that you can truly appreciate all the resonating nuances of the song... epic.

Some of you will remember that the core reason I have maintained the songs on this blog (with the continuous playlist) is because a close childhood friend of mine used several of these songs to recover to full health.

Back then, she would read FFXIV news from here right on her hospital bed...and she loved the playlist;  so till this day, I keep the songs playing.  In the past, various readers have commented on several awesome new suggestions of sounds and its been a pleasure adding them (yeah I still listen to everything from every continent, tribe, language and culture).

And now since my excitement for FFXV is reaching its zenith, I have added one of the best tracks on the game I heard from the demo at TGS in September (not sure if Yoko Shimomura personally composed this one but she is on the team doing the OST for FFXV).   But before that, let me also swiftly toss in the new Audi commercial for Noctis' epic R8...(and yes, it is for sale and it's now a real thing)...

And the lovely soundtrack for the Ascension Skill tree menu... (huge thanks to Belzifer and Zanar Aesthetics for uploading; I had been searching for a crystal clear version for a couple months).   Again, I highly recommend listening to it with your headphones...its a hell of a composition...

And up next are several screenshots of my current play through of SAO: Hollow Realization (which I'm thoroughly enjoying, by the way):

Moving along, I also wanted to answer Jin's email regarding which awesome Japanese songs I've been listening to recently (and to post them onto my blog).  Request granted my friend... and thanks again for everything at Kyoto.

Right now, I've gone back to listening to some of the great music from as far back as 2001 to 2008.  This includes some of of the following (huge gratitude to the various people who uploaded these on their youtube channels):

First up, Gackt, and his December Love Song... its a song that he made for the world around late 2001 after his travels to less privileged areas around the planet and after the 9-11 attacks in New York (which is where he actually filmed the video with his close friend and band mate You).   Ever since then, he has had my full and utter respect...

Then I also pulled out Takanori "TM Revolution" of Abingdon Boys School recently from my playlist of 2007...

I always particularly liked this next one they did in late 2009 or early 2010... it was the opening theme for one of my favourite anime "Darker than Black"

And of course, I can't listen to Abingdon Boys School without playing Howling, Innocent Sorrow and (one of my favourites)...Nephilim, which was the theme for "Folklore", another of my favourite games on the PS3

Abingdon Boys School Nephilim Live 2008 by Eternal_Arcadia

And then when I need to meditate or think, I still listen to Lost Butterfly by Rurutia (readers will remember that I posted this up on my blog back in September 2009).  Her voice is just so soothing...

Then another superb voice I listen to is Tielle.  One example of her songs is "Into the Sky" the opening theme for Gundam RE:0096.  Timeline is much more recent (2015) and although it's sang by Tielle from Aimer it is actually composed by the great  Hiroyuki Sawano...

Speaking of other great compositions by Hiroyuki Sawano, I also have the ones he did for the anime Aldnoah...

Which reminds me... I still don't know who did the ending theme for Aldnoah's season one (see below) so let me know if you guys find out...

Editing... editing... editing...

  • Critical analysis of what could be better on FFXIV
  • Respond to readers emails and answer questions on which JP songs you're currently listening to
  • Update links to FFXIV guides for new players

Editing... editing... editing...

Geeze... now I'm exhausted.  At least I've now made up for the extended draught from not posting often.   As always everyone, please remember that all the official videos, songs and images from SquareEnix were used here strictly for fan purposes; and all the products, system names, music and/or company logos remain the registered trademarks of FFXV, FFXIV and Square Enix.  Copyright (C) 2010-2016 SQUARE ENIX CO. LTD. All Rights Reserved.