The Resonance of Eorzea

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Patch 5.11 released... and Ishgard Restoration unleashed!

Yes indeed, and the official patch notes can be found HERE.  As many of you regular readers know, I'm a massive fan of Ishgard  --the very name of this blog underlines my sentiments towards this wonderful city.

Thus, you all understand my excitement for this new event... it has great experience points for your DoL and DoH job classes, it encourages competition between the servers and it generally gives players a sense of direct involvement in rebuilding the residential area.

However, (and this is a huge problem), the dynamics involved with players being able to hop around all the servers to perform the FATE related to the event sometimes sours the ease and flow of players trying to actually invest time and effort in the rebuilding efforts for their own respective servers.  This is because when the fate starts, there is a massive congestion issue which essentially locks out players from the Firmanent area and even their own servers (with incredibly long queue times).

Goes without saying that the Devs will have to develop an alternative for this issue.

But seriously... the experience points gain is truly epic... I was getting 25 million exp on my level 74 fisher for less than 10 minutes of participating in the FATE

All aside though, I really enjoy the foundation of this event and it brings back an aspect of Hamlet from 1.0

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Patch 5.1 released... and it is magnificent!

I got my hands on my lovely winged-lion which finally made its debut...

We now have the superb option to engage in New Game+...

It doesn't end there... the excitement continues with the new Nier dungeon -- YorHa Apocalypse...

The music, the battle dynamics, the sequencing, the story... all AAA+.  And the gear is just divine and shown below is the body piece for the caster set (dyed pure white)...

Plus the the brilliant MSQ continues...

And more Zenos...

Friday, October 25, 2019

Patch 5.1 notes released today...

Yes indeed.

Patch notes for 5.1 have finally been released (HERE)... and I'm also stoked for the addition of this mount because I had jokingly requested it on the official forums just a couple weeks before Shadowbringers was released.

Thank you Dev team... arigatou gozaimassssssss!

Then of course, here we have the mount from the next savage battles...

Plus, the "Raiden" gear...

And more spiffy pics from the upcoming 24-man Nier dungeon...

Beautiful times ahead.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Finally... Patch 5.01 unleashes on October 29th 2019


Yes indeed.

Letter From the Producer live letter number 55 was performed today and as a few of us predicted, the trailer for 5.01 was unleashed today... and it is glorious.

Meoni also does a wonderful summary of the live letter on his You Tube Channel which helps to exhibit what we can expect in this new patch.

The whole Nier Automata x FFXIV raid is going to be truly memorable and it is also amazing how this fan-made artwork posted up by Bobbin Threadbare (Masamune server) TWO years ago on the official FFXIV blog pages -- HERE -- has not only become reality but has some ideas that are astonishingly similar to what we see in the trailer.  Below is a copy of the artwork:

And it will be truly brilliant if we can get these mounts from the Nier dungeon...

Spiffy innit...?

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tales From The Shadows Part Four!

Yes indeed good ladies and gentlemen... part four of the Tales of Shadows is now released!

For this one, the foccal point of the story revolves around none other that Uncle Emet --the new nickname that several of my friends in Japan now fondly use to refer to Emet-Selch of the Convocation of the Fourteen.

Artwork by moogiedaisuki (posted by devon giehl)

I've always been keenly curious as to nature of the a certain friend of his from the Shadowbringer's storyline for 5.0 --Hythlodaeus strikes me as being closer to Emet than we initially imagined.

We also finally get a snippet of the relationship between himself and a younger Varis; which, in itself gives us a solid insight into the psychological dynamics of the House of galvus.

Brilliant, just brilliant... more to come someday soon.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Letter from the Producer Live Part LIV!

Yes indeed people, the latest live letter was just held and you can catch up on the recordings on both Twitch and You Tube.

Special Guests included:

  • Yosuke Saito - Yoshi-P's fellow member on the Board and Executive Producer at Square Enix
  • YOKO TARO - President and Game Director, BUKKORO

Lots of ground to cover so it's best i just show the main highlights via means of screenshots.  And remember, all the images remain the copyrighted property of Square Enix and are just posted here for fan purposes.  On that note, let's begin!

Thanks for watching and keep excited for upcoming news!