The Resonance of Eorzea

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Blue Mage and patch 4.5 details revealed at Fan Fest Day Two

Yes indeed, Blue Mage was further detailed during the Live Letter in Las Vegas today and lots of new information regarding its mechanics was disclosed...

Additional discussions included the summary of what we can expect from patch 4.5, with the first bit of information stating that it will be titled "Requiem For Heroes".  A bit morbid, innit?  Are things about to go pear-shaped for the WoL?  Yoshi and the team went on to explain that it had several different layers of meaning, and from what we saw in the sneal preview trailer yesterday, we can only wait and see.

Maxima also makes a return (I'm still wondering if he is related to House Darnus)

 And of course, this chap... need I say more?

Other features in patch 4.5 include;

Yoshi also discussed the upcoming redistribution of servers within the European and North American Data Centers, including transfer benefits...

And Koji, true to his word, has added "the Vegan" to the game!

Other items...

Reactions?  Comments?  And yes, I am gradually getting to all your emails as well... hope you all had a wonderful time attending the event.  Until later, be well.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Fan Fest 2018 Commences... 5.0 Expansion confirmed as Shadowbringers!

First of foremost, the new trailer!

Viewers can also watch the Twitch Feed HERE

Blue mage finally announced!  Matsuda, CEO and President of Square Enix, appeared on stage in a blue cape and staff and unleashed the news to thunderous applause.   More information will be disclosed but for now, we know now that it will be released in patch 4.5, will be capped at level 50 until the expansions release and will be a "limited" job.

  • Level cap to be increased from 70 to 80
  • New race announced by Yoshi-P although he has yet to disclose specifics
  • Crafters and Gatherers will be able to use their skills to rebuild the Holy See of Ishgard.
  • New Trust system, similar to FFXI's Trust NPC system to be added, which allows the addition of NPC heroes to accompany players through the MSQ for Shadowbringers.
  • New game plus  feature to be added where players can replay older MSQs using their highly-overgeared characters
  • New world transfer feature that will give players the opportunity to transfer freely between servers.

More to come later and continue to have fun at the Fan Fest!