The Resonance of Eorzea

Friday, December 21, 2018

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLVIII ...and 4.5 Trailer!

Indeed, I must say a long awaited congrats to several of us who called it that Emperor Varis would eventually extend a gesture of peace in order to dispose of a certain enemy... about time!  Just like Vayne Solidor, he wants to return the world to its natural state.

And of course my boy... Gaius... by the way, his voice acting seems to sound like Varis.  Or am I listening to that wrong?

Anyone notice Fran in the trailer?  If you frowned and said "Who...?" then you're not a true FFXII fan.  Very solid music by the way... Soken has obviously outdone himself again.

Twitch recording HERE
Nicoinico Live HERE

Part One of Patch 4.5 slated for release January 8th 2019
Part Two of Patch 4.5 slated for release Late March 2019
Blue mage mechanics were shown and it was disclosed that it will be added on January 15th

Also, anyone notice that there are exactly fourteen glowing "spheres" in this image...

Hmmm.... this has me thinking of several elements.  More speculation details to come later...

Monday, December 17, 2018

Starlight Celebration Event 2018 Commences!

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, the Final Fantasy Starlight Celebration Event 2018 is here and it once again has a great Christmas related story related to it.  This year's event also has the Starlight gear as a reward, including oppurtunities to get the silver trees and other great items.

The silver tree looks quite spiffy in my apartment by the way...

Also, per Aiko's request, I will post up more of my adventuring screenshots soon.    Currently, I've been playing Pyros to do some light farming for my Pyros weapon whenever I manage to get online (inbetween playing Last Remnant Remastered --- loved this game when it released on xbox360 about a decade ago).  Looks even more gorgeous on the PS4.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

New Dev Blog Post - Better U and I... plus an Interview.

Indeed, Ridrina from the FFXIV Community Team updated the Dev blog with some excellent quality of life improvements which include updates to the Mount and Minion Roulette, the HUD transparency settings and even filters to the Challenge logs.

This is fantastic news and I see this as an absolutely brilliant addition to the HUD system

To be introduced in patch 4.5, we will now be able to use the roulette options in a manner that will allow us to only select from those marked as our favorites... this is quite spiffy.

In addition, we will be able to have the feature of setting the transparency of the individual HUD elements in the layout settings.

That's not all... the following filters will also be added to the Challenge Log, t
Display All
Display Complete
Display Incomplete

Moving along, there was also an Interview with Dengeki Online with Yoshida and Nakagawa, who is the lead battle content designer for FFXI.   Mush was discussed about the concepts,  critical direction, dynamics, player thoughts and general rationale behind the Dev Team's development of Eureka... its an excellent read and worth the time.  I found the article exceptionally insightful since I have always been very vocal in game and on the official forums about how much I disliked Pagos... and this helped explain many issues; including design opportunities for the future.

Also please note that the source of translation is HERE (initially done by Ram#5923@Discord)... much appreciated Ram!   Appreciation to Tsunari96 on Reddit for posting this and the translation is also compiled HERE, so thank you!

More news to come later on... need to upload my screenshots and establish my updated sequence of events of what I've been up to in-game.

In the meantime, here you go Amelia... I finally found you updated and much clearer versions of both renderings of the song from when I first posted it up for you back in 2010.  Just let me know if these sound better for you and I'll update them onto the playlist.