The Resonance of Eorzea

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yoshi announces Flying Mounts for 3.0 at the London Fest!

...And it is beautiful.  Thoroughly beautiful.

FFXIVIshgard by Abriael

FFXIVFlyingMounts by Abriael

Superb thanks to Giuseppe Nelva (Abriael on the official FFXIV forums) at Dualshockers for swiftly putting this up on Daily Motion

There will also be solo airships (me very VERY happy now... all I need is a "Sky-Pirate" job class and Im all set)

Speaking of new jobs, Dark Knight was officially announced as the first new job class for 3.0... indeed, we all saw that one coming after the hints at the Vegas event.  Looks very spiffy...

Now we can start speculating on what the second new class will be... and after seeing the 007 T-shirt that Yoshi was wearing, methinks we shall finally get Musketeer.     Anyway, new beast tribes are also announced; the Vanu Vanu, the Gnath and their respective new Primals Ravana and Bismark.  By the way, Bismarck does loosely remind me of the flying creature "airship" (Ba'ul) in Tales of Vesparia.  Hmmmm...

Note that the Gnath are almost exactly like the Ururan-Yensa race from FFXII!!!   I'd recognize those bastard critters anywhere.   Look at the first image (the one of the Gnath) and then compare with the next image below (the Urutan-Yensa of the Sandseas in Ivalice).  Awesome, ja ja?

Also shown were some very spectacular images of some new cities... could this be Shalayan???

Inbetween hering the news of the mounts and the new jobs, Im definitely getting the Collectors Edition for Heavensward when it releases.  Definitely.   Will add more information as they become officially available.  Until later, be well everyone

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Expansion 3.0 named as FFXIV Heavensward!

To be released Spring 2015

And our favourite Hyur hero "Derplander" is back.  Yep.

News from the Fanfest in Vegas explains the following:

The long wait to access Ishgard is over...  it will be open and there might be new floating continents.   Most importantly, there will be dragons.  Thanks to Aquelia Chan who posted these up on You Tube

Oi blimey... and it looks like the AF2 is indeed to be released in 3.0 because that's definitely  the Dragoon AF2 that our hero is wearing in the video.  Seems there is hint that it will be a cross between Warrior and Dragoon to give Dark Knight?

Hmmmm... we shall see.

We'll also get a new massive area referred to as "The Dravanian Forelands.  The general theme of the game will evolve into a darker and more sinister look (Finally!); plus we get a level cap increase from 50 to 60.

There will also be a new race (yugiri's people, I presume?)... and apparently, we shall also see a new place called the Chocobo Forests.   There was also mention of new primals (can we hope for a mechanical Alexander?    yep.... Alexander.  Could it be that the Garleans finally developed their own Elder primal in the form of a huge floating mechanism?

New Airships galore could only mean we finally get our very own airships?  I can finally become the sky pirate I always wanted to be?

Spiffy... one hundred percent spiffiness indeed.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dreams of Ice Trailer!

Looks incredibly spiffy... can't wait.  New official website is also up

Shiva, Ninja and of course, Godbert!  I swear that guy is the final boss of Final Fantasy XIV... Im calling it again now.

And I was thoroughly stunned to see the Koenig set and Ares set from FFXI!!!  That definitely evoked some bloody great memories... I MUST craft me those!

But here's the real kicker... throw out the red carpet because it seems we have a new Garlean Emperor...

This is surely getting enormously interesting... plus the new Coil gear looks interesting...

More news later.  Until later, remember that all images remain the copyright of Square Enix and FFXIV.  Be well everyone

Monday, October 6, 2014

News on Parch 2.4 "Dreams of Ice"

...And I have to say, the images are looking quite spiffy.  Yes indeed.

Without much ado, first off, thanks to several of you for the emails and yes I'm doing great.  I'm ridiculously healthy (managed to get back into tennis and rugby earlier this summer) and I've just been very busy with real life stuff.  But I do appreciate the messages and all of you who keep checking on here for news and stuff... thank you.

That said, lets dive striaght into it, shall we?   Gamewatch just released some new official images on Patch 2.4 and they look glorious.  Im also quite chuffed that they are making us Elezen look more and more regal with each passing patch.  We still have the mysterious Elezen lady...

...(and yes, Amelia, I do think you should still start a petition on the official forums for the Devs to implement that hairstyle for the Elezen females).   Possibility still holds that she may be related to Lord Haurchefant of House Fortemps (who is arguably my new favourite Elezen NPC character in the entire game... his Voice-Over is magnificent!!!)

Next up are the other images from Gamewatch that show a new Elezen male... could he be the son of the Holy See of Ishgard?  It must be because of the blue I see in his armour... but another option could be that he's Lousioix's son Fourchenault?  This is because the next two images below appear in tandem, as if they were take sequencially...

Then of course, the new Rogue class and Ninja job that many of us have been waiting for.  Even though Black Mage remains my favourite job class (currently working on my Nexus relic), I've become increasingly drawn to trying out a new DPS class... and Ninja fits that bill perfectly.

Speaking of which... that crispy image above of the four Ninjas posing shows how far the gaming industry has come since FF3.  Remember this...?

And personally, I hope the AF2 for Ninja will be something along these lines (Edge's armour from FFIV)...

By the way, when Yoshi showed some concept images of Ninja at TGS, it got me wondering... we still dont know for sure if their gear is Strength based or Dexterity based.  Im still in the camp that they are more Strength based though...

And I believe this is the PvP gear for Ninja...

By the way, looking at the new images from Gamewatch, I think I now want Fenrir as a mount.  Yep...

Finally, for the couple of people who asked me if I had anything on AF2, I've decided to post these up for you.  Not much is known at this point other than the fact that these gear might be released in 2.4 or more likely in the 3.0 expansion...

And that's it guys... I'll be posting up some of my in-game screenshots later, including a list of all the great (and absolutely crappy duds) that my retainers have brought back on their Ventures.  Until later, take care, be well everyone.... and Have A Nice Day!!!