The Resonance of Eorzea

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinurabi updates the Dev blog...

...And gives us a spiffy pic of Yoshi in sheer prostrated staggerment!

Posting from London while on their European tour, Pinurabi nabbed us some great pics of Saori Hill and Yoshi and gave indications that more information regarding the tour and relevant interviews would soon be available for us to absorb.

Poor chap... and Yoshi is apparently not the only one!  Fuuga on the Lodestone also posted up a pic of Soken bowled over...

(Oi Oi, Pinurabi...quick, grab that can from Yoshi and replace it with a fresh one.  And can Ferny, Rukkirii and Bayohne please make sure to show us Soken's knee socks before he revives?).  

Yeah the Dev Team definitely needs a long six week vacation after the launch of 2.0 but until then, we'll continue to cheer them on with continous positive energy.  Ahhh yes, least I forget... I believe its time for Legacy members to start checking their emails.  Yep.  Until later everyone, be well.

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  1. Pharaoh... I've been lurking on here for years now. I can't believe you are still plugging away at this blog. You're rock solid! You're the only one I know of that's been steady through all the ups and DOWNS. Before ARR launches I hope to get to know you better and maybe even play the game with you. Unfortunately I'm a PS3 guy and so it's been super hard to get excited about the game. I've always known where to go for an aggregate of all the FFXIV news out there. Thanks for keeping it going.

  2. Much much thanks for the excellent comments Dan and more importantly for reading all this time... and no worries, I have several more great friends in RL and in-game who have also been quietly keeping up with the blog for ages. In truth, that's all that really matters to me... that great people from all over the world and from all walks of life can read about this game on here and be glad with the news, the experiences, the witty jokes, the images and so on.

    Yeah, I've loved this game ever since it was announced, I love the way it has evolved, and I love the massive amount of positive energy that Yoshi, the Dev Team and staunch fans (globally) have put into this game. Least I can do is to keep supporting them in every way I can because there are so many more people out there quietly doing the same.

    And yes, it will be an honor to have you join us on Gungnir server whenever you start on the PS3... lots of solid, wonderful people. Until later, be well my friend