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Monday, December 19, 2011

...And here comes Patch 2.0

Bloody 'ell!

Been well over a year already since I updated this little journal blog thingie, innit?  First off apologies to all the readers and followers for the unbelievable lack of up-dates (and lack of posts there off)...I had no idea that  trying to get a dual in Architecture and Industrial Design was such a massive time sink that there were days I was glad to get just three hours of sleep.  But I still love it.

That said, huge two thumbs up to all the wonderful emails over the past months that several friends sent.  Sterling people... and it shall be my honor to remember all your incredible concern.

Thank you.

Yes... Patch 2.0 (click to see the patch notes)... the very catalyst that dragged me back to the game (now that I have a few weeks of resting time).    As many of you recall, I kinda played for the first two weeks back in September 2010 and eventually started playing less and less due to issues with the game... until college projects finally took over.

However, I still checked up on the game's updates now and again... and was gob-smacked when I saw the concept documents for 2.0.  I remember getting the  alert from FFXIVCore back in mid-October... and was quite impressed with Yoshi-P's direction for the game.  Which is why I did not hesitate to arrange for my payment details a couple days ago and then got back into the game familiarizing myself with the changes.  Lots of changes to get used to, by the way.

Anyway, the servers are currently undergoing maintenance and I thought I would get my blog back in order while I mulled over what the "miraculous" patch 2.0 meant for the game.   Here a few concept shots of aspects of the patch that really interest me...(Meh, I shall have to go back and resize them cuz they are quite large... for now, all the spiffier to see them in their detailed glory ehhhh?)   First up is the future PvP arena said to be located beside Limsa Lominsa

...and then there is the total revamp of the UI dynamics and job-class mechanics...

Speaking of new job classes, I found this concept art particularly interesting because I'v e always loved the Paladin and Dragoon classes... by the Twelve, Akihito Yoshida is still legendary, innit... wait, did he do these?

We shall not forget the new focus on Grand Companies as well.  I joined the Maelstrom just last night after burning almost 90 anima running all over the dam place to complete the relevant quests.

The two reasons that drove my decision were:  One, I've always loved Limsa as a very close second to Gridania... matter of fact, if it was't because the Lancer job's home is obviously Gridania, I would have picked Limsa... reminds me so much of San'd Oria in FFXI.  Plus they got pirates... I still needs me a shiny Musket and a Corsair job-class.   Nod nod nod.  Second reason was that I liked Limsa's red banner on the personal Chocobo the best

Ahhh yes, speaking of which... we may soon be able to "upgrade" from personal Chocobos to Magiteks!  At least, so says Yoshi-P in an interview broadcasted in early November... so we were guessing correctly, yes?  Remember a couple years ago when I speculated mounts on my blog?  Looks like SE listened to the fan base and are really developing the idea...and he had the concept art sketch to back it up...

I reckon it may be implemented with the PS3 release in (early?) 2013... makes marketing sense that they will toss in Magiteks when they will (likely?) release an expansion with the Garlean Empire for 2013.   And let the speculations begin, right?  Heh.

Come next year though, we can at least hope to see the Grand Companies indulge even more in Behests, Caravan Supply quests, and even some new dynamic called "Frontlines" (which is supposedly intended to work like FFXI's Campaign)

Plus, Yoshi-P also promises player residences... and I really wonder what he meant by "estates".   What could he be on about?  Could the below image be what SE has planned or this was just the concept art for one of the new outposts (where players can head to unlock achievements and do caravan quests?)

Dunno... I'm still trying to find my feet on this "new" game myself.  But one thing is certain though... I'm back for a good GOOD while.

Matter of fact, I shall even post up some of my favourite videos from the truly epic Dune saga... helps to remind me of my "lineage" and all that, but also to share the excellent themes that constitute House Atreides

First, the main theme for House Atreides... (hey Yoshi-P, can my linkshell eventually have a guild house like the collosial Atreides palace? Please?)...

Then, there is "Cleansing of the House" (when Emperor Paul Atreides excellently decimated every and any threat to  his newly born children)... this montage is taken straight from the film and was also the part where my blog's theme song "Inama Nushif" was initially used...

Plus, a superb version that used extracts from the GC movie FFVII: Advent Children...

Here is yet another video using the same song but features most of the members of House Atreides, including the twins)...

Speaking of which, here are the Atreides twins...

And of course, Leto's return to the Imperial palace to claim his throne from his Aunt Alia...

Can't forget the theme song for their grandmother, the powerful and truly beautiful bene Gesserit Mother,  Lady Jessica...

Be well everyone.

Always everyone, please remember that all the official videos and images from SE were used here strictly for fan purposes; and all the product, system names and/or company logos remain the registered trademarks of Square Enix.  Copyright (C) 2010-2011 SQUARE ENIX CO. LTD. All Rights Reserved


  1. Welcome back! I am quite enjoying 1.20 and am very excited for 1.21.

    There are still issues in the game but there are a lot of people on my server having a good time.

  2. Heya Yelta! Thank you for the warm welcome back and apologies that I'm only responding to this now... Xmas excitement didn't let me remember to scroll down to view comments lol.

    Yes, I agree that there are still a few issues with the game (for me its the repair dynamics and the lack of an Auction House)... but the game remains a great place to interact with friends. BTW I shall add you on Google+ as well.

    Have a great holiday, thanks for the support and please keep reading!