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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aion beginning to up the stakes... ?

...Indeed, NCSoft's "Aion", considered by many to be the main potential competition to Square Enix's upcoming FFXIV has just released a new video yestarday about major upgrades and/or expansion to their game.  While it DOES look stunningly spectacular, it still does not zero in on whether there will be improvements to the lackluster game mechanics, the overwheingly irritating RMT, the rampant botting, or the boring questing system.

That said, there are certain graphical upgrades in the video that are quite awesome concepts; like the underwater areas, swifter combat moves, and apparently even personal homes.  It's ironic that may previous blog entry was just about residential spaces... and here is Aion showing up with some very interesting stuff (watch from 3:47 on the video).

Anyway, after all is said and done, the developers at NCSoft should know that "eye-candy" can only last for so long; and if they do not fully focus on curbing the game-mechanic issues that plague the game they will have no chance of competing with FFXIV... heck, even if they did, they STILL won't have a chance of competiting xD

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