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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Latest Famitsu Interview!

Yes indeed, apparently Famitsu just had an interview with team Final Fantasy XIV earlier this this week (as reported by Andriasang's gaming blog).   Now the unfortunate thing is that we'll have to wait a while to see if all these are true or not (only a published print in Famitsu can confirm for sure)... None the less, the below info does seem to hold some measure of validity to them... regardless, we'll know for sure soon enough.

That said, here's a swift summary of the bullet points that were listed at Game Jouhou:

* The Beta version will see some system changes that will make it so that you can more easily string together your attacks.
* The alpha test had bad tempo with insufficient explanations. They've made some revisions to the beta, resulting in a completely different system.
* It will be easier to save up Gil.
* You remember that amazing comparison shot showing how much better the beta looks compared to the alpha? It seems that the beta uses a different technique for its shadows. The alpha version used something called "Project Shadows" while the beta version uses "Depth Buffer Shadows."
* The city of Limsa Lominsa will have two levels.
* There will be a robust log filter in place. This is something that wasn't finished in time for the alpha.
* They're readying something large scale for your home, which functions like FFXI's Mog House.
* They'll soon be adding alpha testers as part of the new "alpha 2" phase. They've already selected the participants via drawing!
* As you play the game, you'll be able to freely change the god that you select during character making.
* Vehicles for FFXIV include Chocobo, horse driven carriage, boat, and air ship.
* You'll be able to select different colors for your equipment.

Interesting info all round and I'm particularly looking forward to how the residential system will work.  Readers will remember that sometime late last year, I had jotted in this blog about how Aion were making swift strides in implementing a housing system that looked phenomenal (I think I threw in a video of it as well.

Also of great interest is the fact that the residential system could easily lead into a wonderful Guild/Linkshell "headquaters" system for players... not unlike the type that Lineage II implemented back in 2005-ish.   

This was another topic that raged the internet after the announcement of FFXIV (and a hot topic that FFXI fans pleaded for since way back in 2004)... and everything from "guild-owned" airships to "guild-owned" towns (an idea taken from the dothack G.U games) were tossed around.   Now imagine that: a massive castle (or town, if your clan could afford it) that you and your guild could call home... we shall all wait and see.  Be well!

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