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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Duskwight...

...As written in my Elezen's on-going "history", he has a high fascination with the Duskwight (so do I).  And while surfing the net, I kinda came across a few intriguing images of "Dark Elf-sh" races.  Now we must remember that nothing in Square Enix's official description of the Duskwight says that they are "dark-Elvish" looking... but something about their name "Duskwight" just kinda adds a sinister feel to them. 

Hence why I'm just posting up these fan-fic images I found on several sites (credit to the artists given below) pending the time that we get more info from TGS as to how that they really look like.

Okay, so I guess if they'd look like the above images if they resembled your typical Dark Elves from a slew of other MMORPGs.  But what if they were just like every other regular Elezen?  Light Skinned or normal skin tones, normal hair colours and hues etc.... perhaps they'd look like these:

-I think the Duskwight are going to look rather promising... they don't all necessarily have to be sinister-looking, yes? 

***Note: Credit to various websites and the artists for the wonderful and creative images above; including Warhammer, Atlantica and Shaiya related online fan-sites***

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